Keep Your Vinyl Records Clean And New

You need to make sure your Vinyl stickers records sound great when you spin them. There are only a few steps that will keep your vinyl records looking new. There are a few things you’ll need: basic cleaning tools and solutions such as record cleaning machines and anti-static guns, but these are optional. You also need record cleaning pads and brushes, solutions and solutions for vinyl records, a turntable, and your vinyl record. A 50/50 solution of isopropyl ethanol and distilled water can be used for regular cleaning. However, a 70% alcohol solution can damage vinyl records. A small amount of baby soap can be used to clean vinyl records.

Once you have the right materials, you are ready to clean. Start cleaning the stylus by placing the record between the edges and labels. To neutralize dust, you can use an antistatic gun. Use a couple drops of Photo Flo in the alcohol-water solution to reduce water spots. You can rub the solution on your skin by wiping the grooves in a circular motion. This is when the turntable comes in handy. The vinyl record should not be cleaned with water. You can rinse the cloth with the solution often and then replace it with a new mixture if necessary. You can hold the end of the record cleaning brush/pad between your fingers. Use a brush holder to clean the bristles. If your vinyl record isn’t too dusty, or if you have cleaned it regularly, dry clean it.

If you have neglected to clean your vinyl records, you are probably already a victim of record stains. You will need to pre-clean your vinyl records. This requires a slightly different cleaning method. You can use a soft, clean cloth that is lint free to wet-clean heavily-soiled records. Use the cloth in a spiral motion, moving from the center to its rim. Dry the record with a clean, soft, lint-free cotton cloth. After cleaning your vinyl, you can go to the regular cleaning steps.

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